We are happy to welcome the chicest fashionistas and those who dream of becoming ones in this spick and span Clothes trivia quiz!

Our team is excited to present our new Clothes question quiz and we truly hope that it will be both entertaining and useful for the players who wish to look at the backstage of fashion!

Wearing clothes is a specific feature of human society which makes us different from the wild world. People started to put something on not only out of necessity – although it was evidently a reason, too – but also because they started to feel uncomfortable and realized that nudity was embarrassing and even shameful. Clothes have passed a long way from leopard skins, togas, and fanciful medieval dresses to modern men’s suits and comfortable hard-wearing jeans. But the art of clothes creation isn’t dead and haute couture fashion proves that the beauty of apparel is just as important as the softness of the fabric it is made of. Today we invite you to put your knowledge into practice by taking part in this engaging Clothes trivia game, prepared for the true specialists in the history of clothes and contemporary fashion!

This Clothes quiz offers you a great variety of intriguing and thought-provoking questions from all the possible areas connected with this theme. You will have to guess the origin of this or that fashion term, explain various notions, match some significant events in the history of fashion and clothing with their dates, and fulfill other tasks based on the information about textile and garment industries. Surprise your friends with your knowledge and learn more about the magic world of fashion that surrounds each of us!

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