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Fashion industry is one of the most attractive, profitable, and prosperous business types. It is the world of glamour, beauty, implausible clothes, and wonderful fashion designers who can make a gorgeous dress out of nothing. We watch fashion shows on TV and dream of looking like these unbelievably slender, lithe and leggy models in their astonishing gowns. But of course it’s not only runways where fashionable clothes are demonstrated, today we can see them almost everywhere – billboards and numerous TV shows, magazines and shop windows, Internet or just outdoors, as street fashion nowadays is getting more and more popular. Some of us may say they aren’t slaves to fashion, don’t even think about it and wear whatever they want and like to. But it’s undoubtedly useless to deny the great influence that fashion produces on every member of modern society, no matter if we speak about exquisite clothing, modern expensive cars or mobile devices. Let’s start this captivating Fashion quiz and test if you are a truly fashion-forward person or you still have to gain some more experience in the field!

Our Fashion quiz questions are devoted to various topics – history of fashion, the most renowned fashion designers, multiple fashion terms, popular clothing brands, and many other engaging aspects of this exciting theme. If you are eager to know more about modern fashionistas, haute couture clothing, popular labels and the world’s leading supermodels – our Fashion trivia quiz is exactly what you need!

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Don’t hesitate and try this wonderful Fashion trivia game or and other engrossing and compelling question quizzes of this website right now! Earn WisePoints and feel like a couturier who closes his/her own fashion show when you see your name among the top players of the week!

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