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November 25 is known as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and we feel it’s time to draw more attention to this urgent and scary problem. The Women’s Rights movement started in the middle of the 19th century and since that time has been gaining momentum. Today the situation in the world is of course much better than it used to be 150 year ago but there are still hundreds of problems to be solved and thousands of minor issues to be taken into account. We offer you to dig into the history of the movement and learn dozens of other significant facts that are in this or that way connected with it. Entertain yourself with this absorbing Women’s Rights trivia quiz and test if you are well aware of the situation with the current position of women in our society! How many mothers with kids under 18 work today? How many Congressional and Senate seats in the U.S. are held by women currently? How many active members in the U.S. armed forces today are women? How many women across the world experience violence today? Guess the correct answers and fight for the title of the best player!

Challenge your friends with these tricky Women’s Rights questions, too, and be ready to surprise them with your great knowledge! How many women or girls were allowed at the first Olympics? What was the only event open to women at the first Winter Olympic Games in 1924? How many girls worldwide have experienced sexual violence? What does the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution grant women? Take other interesting quizzes by Zadavaka like Mother’s Day quiz or National Stereotypes and Myths quiz!

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