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Due to commercials everybody from the young to the old can say what company each abbreviation or picture stands for: MK – Michael Kors, W – Volkswagen, P&G – Procter and Gamble, birds in the nest – Nestle, CK – Calvin Klein etc. Do you want to check if know all logos of prosperous companies? Well, free Logo quiz questions on are what you need then. Have you ever wondered why one company has become a goldmine and another has sunk into oblivion or caused more problems than profit?

Everything in business is based on the influence on our psychology. People are ready to pay enormous sums of money for a logotype to be created correctly as they know it’s a basis of their future income. Our attitude to a product is formed during the first ninety seconds of eye contact with it and in 85 percent of cases it is based on color perception: the red color attracts attention, whets the appetite, excites to action and raises blood pressure (McDonald’s, Lays, Lego, Coca-Cola, Toyota); the green one helps to relax, means novelty and is associated with health, environmental friendliness (Starbucks, Android, Xbox, Land Rover, Holiday Inn). Do you want to know why other companies chose certain colors for their logos? Take an informative Logo quiz questions!

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