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This is a real challenge for those who take an interest in life and work of famous people and believe they know every single detail about their favorite actors, musicians and socialites! Celebs are someone, even if these “someone” are animals or cartoon characters (like Grumpy Cat or Marge Simpson), who have worldwide fame and endless media attention. We look after celebrities’ life, follow them on social networks, and become crazy when we meet them in reality! Celebrity fashion style, weddings and divorces, endless photo sessions, Instagram posts and scandals – what is your celebs knowledge like? We’ll wager that you shout out the answers when you hear questions as “Why does Beyoncé hate Rihanna?” when watching quiz shows on TV! Who is dating who, who is going to rehab (or not) and so on. If you know the answers, our fabulous Celebrities questions quiz is the perfect fit for you!

Life of celebrities may seem perfect and full of exciting and pleasant events – innumerable meetings and parties, festivals and conferences, amazing dresses and a lot of money that is spent on the most expensive luxury items. Numerous tabloids skillfully heighten our interest to these public figures by following them everywhere and taking lots of photos, so that their private life can’t be called truly private. This is the price of fame, because glamour and wealth will always attract the attention of common people. If you can’t live a day without learning something new about this or that movie or music star – we welcome you and suggest you start this gripping Celebrities question quiz immediately!

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