We have interesting Anime questions for you!

The time has come for us to prepare something special for cosplayers and anime fans, so here it is – our exciting and gripping Anime question quiz!

It’s no use denying that anime today is not just a series of Japanese cartoons which display beautiful long-legged and big-eyed girls. Since the release of the first commercial anime movie at the beginning of the 20th century it has become a whole world with numerous genres and fandoms, with millions of viewers, and thousands of specialists who are involved in its production. Simple cartoons and comic books impressed the Western society to such an extent that they earned worldwide fame in an unbelievably short time period and became a source of inspiration for numerous admirers. Now it’s your turn to take our Anime trivia quiz and to check if you can consider yourself a true anime fan or just an amateur who has watched a couple of anime episodes!

The Anime quiz questions you’ll have to answer are devoted to different spheres of this popular art form and partially touch upon some other items connected with it, like manga comics or cosplay festivals. You will also find here some challenging questions about anime history, the most eminent anime artists and creators, and multiple communities of anime fans called fandoms. Isn’t it a sufficient reason to start this absorbing Anime quiz right away?

A chance to become the best player of the week will surely give an extra stimulus to your brain and will help you recollect all you’ve ever heard about anime industry! Good luck and arigatou gozaimasu!

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