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Popular culture is a set of ideas and attitudes that has a great influence on the majority of people, or, in other words, on masses. Before the XX century the culture for higher, middle and lower social classes differed dramatically. But now all we read the same books and watch the same movies. Pop culture often seems to be superficial and trivial and is criticized by so-called non-mainstream groups.

Do you soak up useful and useless information about popular things as sports, news, entertainment and politics like a sponge? Or you prefer to find your own path in endless flow of popular soap operas, bestsellers and selfie photos? Answer our Pop Culture quiz questions in either case to find out how knowledgeable you are about Mass culture trends.

Whether you specialize in pop music or sports, technology trends or celebrities this will be the best Pop culture quiz for you to show off your wits. If you are an expert in one of subcultures or subfields of Mass culture we have a large collection of quizzes for you. Challenge yourself with our Anime quiz questions or train your visual memory by playing Logos quiz, or try other sub-categories!

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