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The legends of the British Isles can hardly leave anyone indifferent. They are fascinating and unique. If you think you can’t answer any of the British Mythology quiz questions, at first you should get acquainted with 10 mythological creatures of the British Isles and our easy quiz on British Mythology will help you to do it. According to British Mythology, crossroads are a door to the world of faeries. People say that if you meet a green faerie dog at a crossroads, no bone will help you. If it barks once or twice you will still have a chance to escape, but if you don’t do it in time upon the third one you are doomed. Beware! And have you ever heard of water faeries Asrai? They inhabit seas and deep lakes. The creatures move to the surface of water only once in a hundred years to watch and enjoy the moon light. Unfortunately, one can’t notice them during the day as the light from the sun is a great enemy for them: it makes them turn into vapor, so the only thing that you will see is small pools of water you are sure not to pay attention to. Our easy, yet gripping British Mythology quiz will help you to learn about the creature the Englishmen use to frighten their children with. It is called Bag. The appearance of Bags may vary, but all of them have thick fur and look like bears. Although they are ugly and seem cruel, the creatures are quite friendly. They don’t have sharp teeth or claws and only make faces.

Do you want to learn everything about other extraordinary creatures? Then move on to British Mythology quiz questions. We are sure that once you learn more facts about British Mythology you will be eager to check your knowledge in +History quiz questions+. We advise you to answer easy UK History quiz questions. Take a trivia quiz on Geography to get an idea of where the most important historical actions took place. Or start with a quiz on Ancient History and move further in chronological order.

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