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Hollywood has made a great contribution to the rise of popularity of Ancient Nordic myths by releasing a series of movies that reconstruct the adventures of Norse gods and goddesses. Now the names of Thor, Loki, and Odin are familiar to everyone, which makes the study of mythology even more enthralling. Less known than Greek or Roman mythology, Norse mythology still represents a huge and complicated system; being extremely captivating, the stories that tell about the life of ancient deities that we used to create this Norse Mythology quiz deserve your closest attention.

You will learn how many gods Norse pantheon consists of, find out the smallest details of their characters and fields of responsibility, and test your knowledge of their appearance and interrelationship. The questions of our Norse mythology trivia quiz have been compiled in a special way to help even the most experienced players discover new information about their favorite Norse deities and their fantastic exploits. Don’t hesitate, because this Norse mythology challenge will surrender to the boldest test-takers only!

We hope that this Norse mythology quiz will kindle interest not only in specialists in Norse myths, but in any player who is attracted by an opportunity to broaden his/her horizons in the literature field as well. Be brave as Thor and collect incredible amounts of WisePoints participating in our Norse mythology trivia game!

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