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Those who are sure they know everything about Greece and those who want to broaden their outlook welcome to our Ancient Greek Mythology quiz!
No doubt Greek Mythology is the most well-known one (except your native culture mythology, of course). We have seen numerous movies and cartoons with Greek gods and goddesses as their main characters. We admire their bravery and feast our eyes upon their beauty. Still, there are things you are sure not to be aware of. Free trivia questions on Ancient Greek Mythology will prove it!
Every day in the sky you can see many constellations. The one that everyone is familiar with is known as the Big Dipper. Its scientific name is Ursa Major. Enigmatic quiz questions on Greek Mythology can explain to you what the connection between Ursa Major and Greek Mythology is. Ursa Major was a beautiful woman named Callisto. Zeus fell in love with her, but his wife Hera being jealous turned her into a huge bear. Do you want to know more? Try to answer easy quiz questions on Greek Mythology.

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