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People of the past didn’t have enough knowledge to explain the causes of things that were taking place around them: why people die, why the wind blows, why it rains, etc. But this statement can’t be attributed to the Civilizations of Aztecs, as it was a highly developed society. Don’t you believe us? Answer easy quiz questions on Aztec Mythology to get more knowledge about this mysterious civilization.
Among the most popular Aztec deities are Huitzilopochtli (god of sun and war), Quetzalcoatl (god of wind and learning), Chantico (goddess of homes and volcanoes) and many others. But if Aztecs did not invent myths in order to explain some phenomena, why did they do it, then? Informative quiz questions on Aztec Mythology can give you irrefragable answers to all your questions! Some myths you will learn seem really strange. For example, the one about the deity of the Moon – Metztli. According to it, once upon a time the Moon was shining as bright as the Sun and it irritated one of the deities, so he threw a rabbit into it. Some myths are frightening, e.g. about Ah Puch – the deity of Death, who wore a hat that looked like the head of an owl. Of course you might think that all these myths are out of date, but don’t you jump at conclusions! Zadavaka would like to inform you that even nowadays some natives in Central America believe that an owl can foretell death. There is even a proverb in Mexico: Cuando el tecolote canta, el indio muere, which means "When an owl sings, an Indian dies."

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