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Every exiting tale for both children and adults includes gods and goddesses, mythical monsters, mysterious rituals and so on. Although these marvelous creatures and scenes are fictional, ancient people believed in their existence and perpetrated stories – that we now call myths – about them. These stories are an essential feature of every culture. That is why we collected Ancient Mythology quiz questions from tales of Egyptians and Persians to legends of Ancient Greece and Rome.

Every creature in myths has its name, character and destiny. Ancient people worshipped gods that ruled almost every sphere of human life and nature. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a goddess or a god of Answering Quizzes, so we are on our own here…

Do you like puzzles? Do you possess an enormous amount of knowledge on myths of different ancient cultures? If you know where Valhalla is situated, what the name of the Roman or Greek god of winemaking is, and after which god of Nordic mythology Thursday is named, you are perfectly ready for our magnificent Ancient Mythology trivia quiz.

If you like stories about vampires, ghosts and zombies more than legends about ancient gods, take our World Mythology quiz to show how terribly smart you are, or just test your knowledge of all categories from spectacular Movie quiz to fantastic Science trivia quiz questions!

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