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Mythology is the collection of stories – myths – which describe every event in our ancestors’ life from birth to death, and even the afterlife. The classical mythology of ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt is the most familiar to those who live in Europe and the US, but the same types of tales can be found in legends from different parts of the globe. Do you remember the Bible creation story? Surprisingly enough, this tale is quite similar to creation legends from Phoenicia and even ancient China. Myths try to answer the most difficult and basic questions of human nature and existence.

Our ancestors believed in somebody (or something) that caused rain and drought, brought victory in battle, illnesses and death. Ancients told marvelous legends about humans and supernatural creatures, gods and heroes with super-human, usually god-given, powers. Today we know that rain is a natural phenomenon and call these stories myths. But tales of our ancestors are still very interesting and sapiential for both children and adults. Our World mythology quiz challenges you with questions about beliefs and traditions from all over the globe. People on every patch of land have their mythology, weird, cryptic and sometimes very hard to understand! You’ll see for yourself once you play our World mythology quiz!

Get acquainted with tales of many different countries and cultures. You’ll find World Mythology trivia questions about Persian and Indian versions of the human origins, Eskimos legends about the afterlife and Japanese tales about gods and heroes. In fact your knowledge will be tested to the full. If you specialize in ancient mythology only try our Ancient mythology quiz or test your knowledge with severe Nordic mythology trivia questions, or try each of the Mythology quiz sub-categories in turn!

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