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The Internet pervades our life and provides amusement, information and answers from as far as Singapore to Texas. To tell the truth, most of us can’t spend an hour without their PC, tablet or smartphone. And what started it all? The first two nodes of what would be called the Internet were interconnected between Menlo Park and the City of Los Angeles, California, in 1969.

Today the number of users of the Internet all over the globe is about 3 billion. We search information, play online games, receive education, and communicate on the Internet! We use the web daily, but what do we really know about it? Let’s take a journey into the history of this powerful network and you’ll be truly surprised to find out how interesting this trip can be!

Take the best Internet questions quiz to find out to how knowledgeable you are as a web surfer. What does the acronym “LOL” stands for? Who writes the rules for the Internet? What is the web country code for Kenya? If you know the answers, our high-tech Internet quiz is perfect for you. Take our Social Media quiz , or challenge yourself to question of the Internet quiz category in turn!

If you believe your general knowledge stretches from arts to science then maybe our Geography trivia quiz or TV quiz questions could be just the thing for you.

Choose one of the categories in our large collection, score WisePoints and try to beat other challengers! Good luck and we hope to see you among the record-breakers of the week on the main page!

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