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Modern developed society considers it essential for an individual to possess at least primary level of education in order to reach a certain status and to be respected by his environment. But what looks routine today used to be a privilege for the people who stood at the origins of the phenomenon that we now call “mass education”. It has passed a long and hard way, a lot of children and adults were deprived of it because of their descent or lack of money. This is one of the main reasons why now we should be grateful for an opportunity to study and to learn a vast number of exciting and useful things that can make our life easier and help us become pleasant interlocutors.

Our Education trivia quiz offers you various questions on different aspects of this sphere. You will have to recall the names and doctrines of famous educators of all times, as well as the most eminent scholars and scientists, who proposed numerous educational theories and methods. You will also have to call to your memory the most important dates that became true milestones in the formation of education system as we now know it.

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