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Underline the statements that describe you: you are a book-worm; you like to study, you want to compare your native country’s culture with the one of the UK; you want to impress your friends with your knowledge; you are fascinated with everything unknown. If you’ve drawn at least one imaginary line, then proceed to UK Culture easy quiz questions!

The UK culture is diverse, unique and splendid. You have certainly heard about Stonehenge - the most famous stone circle, but there are many other phenomena of the kind all over the UK: Druid's Circle in Wales, Rollright stones in Oxfordshire, Doll Tor in Derbyshire, etc. The atmosphere there is far from pleasant! Do you want to know why? Learn the myths connected to these places in free quiz questions on British mythology.

Go to the Somerset Levels and take a ten-minute walk to the summit of the Glastonbury Tor. All the problems will be left behind! In this UK culture quiz you will learn about Robin Hood and Charlie Chaplin, Borley Rectory - the most haunted house in the world - and the Lock Ness monster, Cheddar cheese, and the tradition of dunking a biscuit, the UK national dog breed and the red telephone box, as well as many other things.

If you are fed up with the news on TV and want to get an impartial overview of politics and history take any subcategory of History quiz questions. To get profound knowledge in religion, answer the questions in Religion quiz questions. Learn more in free quiz questions on Science.

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