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After so many years since it was discovered by Western travelers Japan still manages to preserve its old and unique customs and traditions. Unique cuisine and clothes, unusual architecture and painting styles, uncommon writing system and fascinating festivals – this is a non-exhaustive list of specific characteristics that mark Japanese culture. It may sometimes seem that the Japanese belong to another planet – so many differences between their culture and the culture of Western civilization can be traced! In this Japan culture trivia quiz we offer you to find as many of them as possible and enrich your mind with the knowledge of the most engaging details concerning Japan!

What is so special about Japanese theatre Kabuki? What is the structure and form of Japanese paintings? Why do Japanese people bow so often and what is the meaning of this gesture? Why is this wonderful and extraordinary country often called “the Land of the Rising Sun”? If you are eager to answer these questions and share your knowledge with us, you are most welcome to start this Japan culture quiz right now!

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