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We offer you our China question quiz devoted to one of the oldest cultures of the world. China is the second-largest country by area; moreover, there are 56 officially recognized ethnic groups in China. Thus, if you take our China question quiz you will learn a lot of curious and interesting facts about different customs and traditions that vary greatly between Chinese provinces.

When we refer to Chinese culture we immediately recall red dragons, spectacular fireworks, and amazing tea culture. However, Chinese culture is also famous for its unique architecture, music, literature, cuisine, martial arts, painting, philosophy, and religion. You will certainly become fascinated with our China quiz questions that touch upon famous Chinese Emperors, Confucius and Confucianism, national Chinese music and dance, Chinese fine and folk art, cuisine, and etc. You will learn a lot of interesting information about Chinese martial arts and unique Chinese Tea culture.

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Take our marvelous China question quiz to feel the incredible spirit of the East. Moreover, you have a good chance to earn lots of WisePoints and become the record-breaker of the week!

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