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What distinguishes Frenchmen from Germans? Not only their food habits, although eating frog’s legs is a little bit weird, isn’t it? In France frog’s legs is one of the most popular elements of national cuisine as well as croissant and baguette.

People in different countries eat, talk and behave differently. If you stick your tongue out at people in Europe or in America it will be interpreted as an insult. But in some countries of Africa this gesture is used as a greeting. Our lifestyle is shaped by the set of characteristics called culture. It is an important part of us because we are involved in it from the very beginning to the end of our life. We collect free culture quiz questions for those who are interested in symbols of different countries, their history, customs and traditions. Test your knowledge on form and content of culture in our trivia quiz about countries from New Zeeland to Japan and from Kenya to Denmark.

How globally wise are you? What do you know about the culture of various countries of the world? What is the difference between carnivals in Venice and Brazil? Who celebrates the New Year twice a year? Some Culture quiz questions may be a little bit tricky, but all of them are equally educational and fun!

See how much you can say about culture of each country, challenge yourself with other categories from History quiz questions to Music trivia quiz, score WisePoints, raise your weekly rating and become one of our Quiz Gurus!

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