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Gossips spread quickly and nowadays everyone is anticipating whether Leonardo DiCaprio will get his long-awaited (and well-deserved) Oscar or not. Maybe due to this actor those who are still unaware of the Academy Award will learn about it. Still, there are many other awards and ceremonies that are talked much about. The Golden Globe Award, for example, is given for the best film and television show. Can you imagine that 73 ceremonies of this award have already taken place? MTV Video Music Awards, the ACM Awards, The Billboard Music Award are received for some achievements in music. Outstanding POC (people of color) who deal with TV, music, film and literature can be awarded a NAACP Image Award.

While some celebrities are dreaming of the above mentioned awards, there are still those who don’t want even to imagine that someday they will receive a Golden Raspberry Award. Do you know why? It’s given for the worst achievements in the movie industry! Among its winners were Tom Cruise, Madonna, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Poor talents! There is the sad, yet hilarious Darwin Award for absurd death. Achievements in many fields are honored with the Nobel Prize or its analogue, Millennium Prize. Everyone was shocked when in 2012 Grigori Yakovlevich Perelman refused to accept a Millennium Prize because he thought it was unfair.

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