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Greetings to all our players; we have a new challenge for you! Test your knowledge of world culture and cultures of different peoples and countries. Culture encompasses art, law, morals, general customs and beliefs, cumulative experience and knowledge acquired by the humankind in the course of its history, and many other aspects. In a narrow sense, culture can be viewed as the way of life of a particular group of people. Culture manifests itself in works of literature and movies, in superstitions and folklore, in media and technology; generally speaking, culture defines our lifestyle. Answering our Culture quiz questions you will certainly learn more about various national cultures, modern tendencies and the development of world culture! Thus, our Culture questions quiz promises to be very interesting and captivating!

Our fascinating Culture trivia quiz is divided into several subcategories. Take our mysterious Mythology trivia quiz and be ready to meet Zeus and Aphrodite, Jupiter and Mars, or Thor and Odin! Try our amazing Countries trivia quiz to learn more about the culture of China, the country of hieroglyphs and the Great Wall; Japanese culture which is strongly associated with origami and ikebana; or the culture of the UK, the country of the Union Jack and red telephone boxes! We also offer you to expand your knowledge with our Museums free quiz and Education question quiz! Now it’s up to you to choose and decide!

Take one topic or try them all; in both cases, you will have a very good time answering our Culture quiz questions, and you will certainly broaden your horizons in this captivating field! Don’t hesitate, take our Culture trivia quiz, score WisePoints, and do your best to become the top player of the week!