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The only novel by Emily Brontë has become a genuine masterpiece and one of the best examples of classic English literature. Written in a vehement and passionate manner, the book never stops capturing readers’ attention thanks to the eternal truths that are brought to the front by the author. Love and betrayal, friendship and contempt, kinship and incongruity – we can find them all between the lines of the story. We offer you to try our intriguing Wuthering Heights questions quiz to find the topics and characters that will never fail to touch your heart! Why is Catherine forced to stay at Thrushcross Grange for 5 weeks? Who inherits Wuthering Heights after Mr. Earnshaw's death? Who is young Catherine forced to get married to? Why does Frances die? Guess the answers to these challenging questions, and invite your friends to play together!

Would you like to check if you’re a genuinely competent reader? Take these Wuthering Heights trivia quiz and delve into the depths of British literature! How does Heathcliff inherit Wuthering Heights? Why does Catherine's relationship with Heathcliff become more complicated after she stays at the Grange? Why does Catherine decide to become engaged to Edgar Linton? How long does Heathcliff stay away from Wuthering Heights? Play our Wuthering Heights trivia game to get the answers and enjoy the pleasant reading! Take other riveting quizzes of Zadavaka’s Book Club like The Grapes of Wrath quiz or The Call of the Wild question quiz!

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