We welcome you to take part in the Little Prince quiz based on the wonderful story of a small boy with a big heart!

Written by a prominent French writer and pioneering aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and published just a year before his disappearance under mysterious circumstances, the novella has become one of the most translated and best-selling books in the world. The sad and sincere tale touches upon lots of topics – friendship, loneliness, kindness, betrayal, narrow-mindedness, and enlightenment, and all of them are shown through the eyes of the little prince, a little boy able to understand much. We offer you The Little Prince questions quiz for you to test your knowledge and memory, and check how well you remember the magic and touching events that occur in the story.

In case some of your friends can be called literary connoisseurs too invite them to try challenging The Little Prince quiz questions, and test their knowledge in the sphere! What does the little prince ask the narrator to draw when they first meet? What flower did the little prince fall in love with? Why did the little price decide he could not trust the rose anymore? Why did the prince decide to leave his planet? Give more right answers to fight for the title of the true literary expert! Try your hand at other Zadavaka’s captivating quizzes like Wuthering Heights quiz, or The Great Gatsby trivia quiz!

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