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Christmas holidays always endow us with special feelings and emotions that are impossible in other times of the year. We tend to draw conclusions and reflect on milestones of our life. The Greatest Gift is the just the right story for those of you who sink into holiday depression and can’t find a way out. This is a marvelous book about a person who can’t see and realize that his life is the greatest gift he possesses and is eager to change everything. What results will this decision lead to? Read or reread The Greatest Gift and then try this Greatest Gift trivia quiz to check if you’re an attentive reader! Who is the author of The Greatest Gift? What movie did The Greatest Gift become the basis for? Where does George Pratt stand when he's approached by a stranger? What does the stranger hold? What does the strange man tell George Pratt? Assay your literary strength and bookish wisdom in this thought-provoking Greatest Gift questions quiz!

Do you have any friends who can be called genuine book lovers, too? Then invite them to play together and enjoy this Greatest Gift quiz! What does George discover when he returns to his town? What happens to George's brother without him? What does George offer to the woman who was to become his wife? What does the woman's son shout to George? What is presented as the greatest gift of all? Play to prove you know Christmas stories like the back of your hand! Challenge yourself with other Book Club quizzes like The Polar Express quiz or The Gift of the Magi questions quiz!

Play with Zadavaka, score 10 WisePoints for every correct answer you give, invite your friends to join in and have lots of fun this winter and always!

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