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”The Great Gatsby” is justly considered one of the greatest pieces of American literature, revealing to its readers the disingenuous world of the rich. The main characters try to pursue their dreams and save face, but fail in their attempts, as almost all of them keep thinking about themselves only, and seldom care even about their close people. Hypocrisy and pretense – these are the two main driving forces that lead Daisy and Tom, the protagonists of the novel, through their despicable life. It seems that Gatsby is able to change something and break this vicious circle, but the mean side of human nature wins the battle again. Will the evil invariably rule our unsteady world? Try thought-provoking The Great Gatsby question quiz and find the right answers!

We offer you to take part in The Great Gatsby trivia quiz and check if you were observant enough while reading the book. Assay your strength and test your knowledge! Why do some problems in Daisy and Tom's relations start? Why does Myrtle's husband George kill Gatsby? What is Tom's attitude to Daisy and Gatsby's affair? What happens to Nick after Gatsby's death? Give the right answers to prove that you can be called a truly keen reader! Take other marvelous Book Quizzes like The Call of the Wild quiz or To Kill a Mockingbird trivia quiz!

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