There are hundreds of masterpieces among the best examples of the world literature, and this time Z’s Book Club session is devoted to one of such works!

A Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winning novel, a story that best reflects the feelings of American nation during the darkest times of Great Depression – our today’s quiz offers you lots of engaging questions on "The Grapes of Wrath" by John Steinbeck! Let’s read or re-read it together and find the answers to the most intriguing questions our ingenious team have prepared for you! Who is Jim Casy? What is the name of Tom’s uncle? Why was Tom sent to prison? Why does Tom go into hiding? Dare to try our challenging Grapes of Wrath trivia quiz, and prove that you can be called a truly diligent reader!

Invite your friends to play together and see who of you can answer more Grapes of Wrath quiz questions! Who is the author of the book? What are the migrants from Oklahoma called by the locals of California? What happens to Rose of Sharon's baby? Why is Jim Casy arrested? Find these and other thought-provoking questions on our website! Try other literature quizzes like Moby Dick quiz or The Catcher in the Rye question quiz!

Start this captivating Grapes of Wrath quiz, and see how the exhausted book characters managed to find a gleam of hope in the gloomy atmosphere of migrant camps! Play more free online trivia quizzes to win WisePoints, receive bonuses, and become the player of the week! Good luck!

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