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Gift of the Magi is an incredible Christmas story. It touches every reader’s heart and manages to reach out even to the least sentimental person. What is the secret of the book? Is it the miraculous holiday atmosphere it creates? Or is it the heart-piercing plot? Or, maybe, the young and poor married couple the author chooses as the main characters of the story? Anyway, we’re ready to reread O. Henry’s work every Christmas and be delighted by the magic world of love and mutual sacrifice we get into! Take Gift of the Magi trivia quiz now and plunge into the wonderful Christmas festivity! How much money does Della have on Christmas Eve? What does Della give to Jim on Christmas? Why does Jim stop short at the sight of Della? What are the expensive hair accessories called? Why can't Della use Jim's present? Answer more questions to let the joyful holidays begin!

Are there any friends of yours who like the story as much as you do? Then invite them to start Gift of the Magi questions quiz, too! How does Jim get money to buy a present for Della? What do the main characters understand in the end of the story? Who is the author of The Gift of the Magi? Who is The Gift of the Magi about? What was the original title of The Gift of the Magi? Do you know all the answers? Great! Then try other intriguing Christmas Book Club quizzes like The Polar Express quiz or How the Grinch Stole Christmas trivia quiz!

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