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This time we’ve prepared some catchy questions devoted to one more remarkable American novel – “The Call of the Wild” by Jack London! This unbelievable and soul-stirring story that appeals to the better side of our nature won’t leave you indifferent, as it definitely deserves to be called one of the best examples of classic literature. As we read about all the troubles and misfortunes that fearless Buck, the protagonist of the novel, has to endure, we begin to understand why dogs are frequently called people’s best friends that will never leave us high and dry. Take the entertaining Call of the Wild quiz to feel proud of our small friends who possess amazingly big hearts!

Once you read this heartbreaking story of a strong, enduring, and unbelievably faithful dog, it will be impossible to forget it. We offer you some challenging Call of the Wild quiz questions to check if you were attentive enough while reading or re-reading the book. Why is Buck kidnapped? What happens to Buck after he starts working for mail carriers? What happens to Buck in the end? Try to pass our breathtaking Call of the Wild quiz successfully, and discover the wonderful world of winter forests, snowy valleys, brave and mean gold hunters, and, of course, loyal and loving dogs! Take other engaging Zadavaka’s book quizzes like Moby Dick quiz or To Kill a Mockingbird questions quiz!

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