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The Book Thief is a masterpiece created by Australian writer Markus Zusak that tells the readers about a young girl’s life during a harsh period of World War II. Despite all the hardships Liesel, the protagonist of the novel, faces the atmosphere of the book can’t be called gloomy and desperate – vice versa, it’s hope-instilling, bright and unexpectedly beautiful. The young author has managed to make his story appealing to different groups of people from teenagers who can learn a lot from the history of the past to seniors who can recall the tragic time and see some bright moments of it. We offer our players to try this Book Thief trivia quiz and check if you were attentive and scrupulous enough while reading the novel! Where does Death see the book thief for the first time? What happens to Liesel's brother when her family is traveling on a train to Munich? Who does Liesel steal a book from for the first time? Who are Hans and Rosa Hubermann? Why does Liesel start to love her foster parents? Test your bookish knowledge answering the questions right away!

Would you like to share the joy of playing with some of your friends? Then invite them to play together and find out who of you deserves the title of the best quizee! What nightmares does Liesel see? When does Liesel steal her second book? Where do Hans and Rosa hide Max? What does Liesel do for Max on Christmas? Who teaches Liesel to read? Be one of the first to try this challenging yet interesting Book Thief quiz questions! Take other Book Quizzes by Zadavaka like Catch-22 quiz or Atonement trivia quiz!

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