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Stephen King is rightfully considered one of the greatest, the most powerful, and the most inventive writers of modern times, and his original breathtaking novels and short stories are read and enjoyed by millions of people around the world. The author writes fiercely and creatively, and it’s stated by most of his readers that it seems absolutely impossible to put his book aside before you finish it. We offer you to immerse yourself in the gloomy, scary, and strained atmosphere of King’s books with our special Stephen King Books trivia quiz! What is Stephen King's first hardback bestseller? In 'It" by Stephen King, how many children are terrorized by the eponymous being? What is the full name of Carrie, the protagonist of one of Stephen King's novels? In "Revival" by Stephen King, who is the protagonist of the book? Test your bookish knowledge and check if you can call yourself a true fan of the fantastic novelist!

Are any of your friends obsessed with horror books as much as you are? Then invite them to participate in our intriguing Stephen King Books questions quiz, too! In which of Stephen King's books is a girl lost in the woods? In "Under the Dome," how many survivors of the dome are there? What Stephen King's book is about a vintage automobile? How many books are there in The Dark Tower series? In "Misery" by Stephen King, who rescues Paul Sheldon? The most attentive readers and players may get a special award! Try other riveting quizzes of Z’s Book Club like 1984 quiz or And Then There Were None trivia quiz!

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