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Slaughterhouse-Five is a satirical novel that ironically reminds the readers about the war and at the same time reveals the horrors that are hidden deep inside human nature. The protagonist of the story can travel through time and visit many unexpected places that lie outside the Earth. Although the Dresden bombing is the central event of the book and serves as the frame of the whole story the novel is not about the war events – it’s about human souls and how they’re changed in the course of time. Frequently considered semi-autobiographical, Slaughterhouse-Five was created by Kurt Vonnegut as a reminder for the next generation about their glorious – and infamous – past. Take your chance to check if you remember the events described in the book in our Slaughterhouse-Five trivia quiz! Who capture Billy Pilgrim in 1944? What do the Germans give Weary instead of his boots? Who does Weary blame for his death? How is Lazzaro going to avenge Weary's death? Where do the Germans transport Billy and other prisoners? Assay your literary strength and try to take the lead in our weekly rating!

Would you like to play with your friends and find out who of you can be called a better player? Then invite them to take this Slaughterhouse-Five questions quiz and test your bookish knowledge! What do the Germans call forced labor? Where do the prisoners hide during the extensive bombing? Where is Billy transferred to after V-E Day in May 1945? What happens to Billy on Barbara's wedding night? What planet is Billy taken to? Try your hand at answering these questions and take other Book Club quizzes like Catch-22 quiz or The Book thief questions quiz!

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