Look at the life as at an endless journey in our On the Road quiz!

“On the Road” by Jack Kerouac is one of the most controversial literary works of the 20th century. Based on the life of Counterculture generation during the postwar period this book impresses and shocks at the same time. Lots of drugs, music, relationships with no strings attached, and, of course, freedom and the symbolic Road the main characters can’t stop moving along. This novel skillfully reflects the spirit of the postwar society, showing desperate young people who try to find their place in the new world but fail in their attempts again and again. On the Road quiz questions that we’ve compiled for you are designed to help you recollect the brightest and the most startling moments of the story! What is Sal Paradise's profession? What is the first city Sal arrives at? What job at a boarding camp for merchant sailors does Sal get? How does Dean behave when Sal gets ill? Remember that the player who’ll give more right answers has more chances to become the best player of the week!

Can any of your friends be called keen and attentive readers, too? Then invite them to play On the Road trivia quiz and test their book knowledge! What girl does Sal plan to move to San Francisco with? Why can't Sal relocate to San Francisco? What is Carlo Marx's profession? Who is Lee Ann? Stay curious and erudite, and try more challenging Zadavaka’s quizzes like The Grapes of Wrath questions quiz or For Whom the Bell Tolls trivia quiz!

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