Experience the devastating influence of war in Mrs Dalloway quiz!

One of the most renowned novels of Virginia Woolf, Mrs Dalloway depicts the post-war society and people. They seem to be light-hearted and cheerful but the events and the behavior of some of the characters prove that war always leaves its mark on people’s lives. Mrs Dalloway, a quiet and seemingly happy housewife, is planning to throw a party and actually does it in the end of the book, but the events that occur before turn out totally destroying for the guests. We offer you to take this captivating Mrs Dalloway trivia quiz and test your knowledge of this remarkable literary masterpiece right now! What is the name of Clarissa's husband? What disorder does Septimus suffer from? What writer was Septimus fond of? What newspaper does Lady Bruton write a letter to? What is the name of Clarissa and Richard's child? The player who’ll give more answers will win the title of the smartest weekly player! Start Mrs Dalloway questions quiz and find out if you’re a genuinely avid reader!

We believe you know some people who’d like to take part in the competition, too! Invite them to join the game and check who of you will prove a more attentive reader! What happens to Septimus in the end? Where did Clarissa spend her youth? Who is Sally Seton? Who is Lucrezia? What is Clarissa's attitude to Septimus's suicide? Keep it in mind that the correct answers you give will make you much closer to the “player of the week” title! Try other amusing Book Club quizzes like A Clockwork Orange trivia quiz or Atonement questions quiz!

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