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Today our quiz is devoted to the legendary novel "Moby Dick" by Herman Melville, and we’ve prepared lots of intriguing questions for you to check how attentive you were while reading this masterpiece of American literature. Moby Dick is a novel full of excitement and uneasiness, but at the same time it’s a book that surprises its readers with the strength and persistence of its protagonists. They work hard and fight hard over a powerful and scary whale which is seen by other characters as a doubtless representative of evil forces that endanger their safety. Who will win and survive in this deadly struggle? Try our gripping Moby Dick questions quiz to find the answer to the crucial question!

In this engaging Moby Dick quiz we’ve compiled some questions about the quotes that are indelibly imprinted on many readers’ minds, the most striking moments that make the plot so ingenious, and the most vivid characters who add some dramatic tension to the narration. What were whales mainly hunted for? Why did Ahab chase the whale? What happened to Ahab’s harpoon boat? Summon up all your knowledge to give the right answers and prove you can call yourself a truly keen reader of classic American literature! Try other thought-provoking quizzes of Zadavaka’s Book Club like To Kill a Mockingbird questions quiz or The Catcher in the Rye trivia quiz!

Play our Moby Dick questions quiz and check if you’re a truly conscientious reader! Earn more WisePoints to get the honorary title of the best player of the week!

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