Face the vague borderline between civilization and savageness in our Lord of the Flies quiz!

There is a wide-spread opinion that children are pure, innocent, and naïve and it’s only the world of adults that can make them corrupt and sinful. William Golding easily disproves this statement in his novel, showing us that if a person is unscrupulous and evil by nature he or she will stay the same regardless of age. Lord of the Flies is a unique story of children facing wild nature without any support of adults. The readers, first scared by the situation itself, are then startled by the boys’ behavior and actions, as well as by the terrifying decisions they take and stupid and cruel mistakes they make. Take our intriguing Lord of the Flies questions quiz to learn more about the stunning story! Which boy is first elected as the "chief"? Who is allowed to speak at the boys' formal gatherings? Who protects the younger boys? Why can't the boys stop the ship traveling by the island? Who or what is mistaken for the "beast"? Test your book knowledge and win more points for each correct answer!

Have your friends read the book and enjoyed it, too? Then don’t waste time and invite them to join you in this stunning Lord of the Flies game! Who says that Ralph should be removed from office? Why does Jack's team place a sow's head on a stake in the jungle? Why do the boys kill Simon? Who does Ralph see on the beach while trying to escape? More right answers will make you closer to the top of our ratings! Take other riveting Book Club quizzes like 1984 trivia quiz or And Then There Were None quiz!

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