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Lolita, the most notable novel of a Russian-American writer Vladimir Nabokov, is considered one of the best examples of the 20th century literature. Written in English, the book has quickly attained the status of a classical novel due to its refined language, profound metaphors, and elaborated characters. The themes touched by the author only added popularity to this literary work, making it one of the most controversial books of modern classics. Let’s review the book together trying to give answers to the most intriguing Lolita quiz questions we’ve prepared! Why does Humbert marry Charlotte? What does Lolita do after finding out that her mother is dead? What college does Humbert get a job at? What is the name of the woman Humbert lives with after he loses Lolita? Give more correct answers to prove you’re a genuinely conscientious reader, and compete with other players who call themselves experts in the field of literature!

In case some of your friends are keen readers, too, invite them to play together and have more fun! Who of you can give more right answers to these tough Lolita quiz questions? What is the name of Humbert's first love? What is Humbert's attitude to American culture? Who kidnaps Lolita? What happens to Clare Quilty? Prove you’re a skillful player who knows almost everything! Participate in other interesting quizzes of Zadavaka’s book club like For Whom the Bell Tolls trivia quiz, or To Kill a Mockingbird questions quiz!

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