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Ernest Hemingway is known for his passion for love and war, and these two concepts frequently form the core of his literary works. Hemingway’s characters live their life to the fullest, often ready to die for their close people or their high ideals. The characters of “For Whom the Bell Tolls” are not an exception, they’re faithful and caring, although very often the harsh realities of life they have to face make them austere and unfriendly. We offer you to learn how a war can influence a person’s life and take part in our For Whom the Bell Tolls quiz! What war serves as a background for the story? What task does the Republican command assign Robert Jordan? What does Robert Jordan think of Pablo when he first meets him? Who urges Robert Jordan to kill Pablo? Try to answer all these tricky questions and prove you can be called a genuinely keen reader!

Some of your friends may have read the book too and are willing to test their knowledge together with you. Invite them to participate and check who of you can give more right answers and get the title of the best player! Who is El Sordo? Why does Robert Jordan try to provoke Pablo? What happens to El Sordo's band? What does Robert Jordan write to the Republican command? Try to guess the correct answers to become the leader in our For Whom the Bell Tolls trivia quiz! Take other absorbing literature quizzes like Moby Dick quiz or Uncle Tom’s Cabin question quiz!

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