Feel the horrors of war in our dazzling Catch-22 quiz!

Joseph Heller has managed to create a novel that makes us both laugh and cry, that mocks the hypocrisy and bureaucracy of officers and praises the bravery and endurance of common soldiers. While we read the story we feel that we’re totally absorbed not only by its plot but by its eccentric, bright, and at times even strange and freaky characters as well. The whole novel was written as a farce, but we still can use its lessons in everyday life and keep them in our memory to never let war repeat again. We’ve prepared this fascinating Catch-22 trivia quiz for you to test your literary and military knowledge! How does Yossarian try to avoid dangerous battles? What is the name of the soldier who died in Yossarian's arms? What happens to Nately when his sweetheart finely falls in love with him? What business does Milo Minderbinder start in the army? What does Yossarian decide to do in the end? Try to give more right answers and get closer to the title of our weekly winner!

In case your friends are just as keen readers as you are invite them to join the game and try our tricky Catch-22 quiz questions, too! Who has decided to live as long as possible by making time pass as slowly as possible? Why is the Bologna mission delayed? Why does Yossarian move the bomb line on Bologna map? What does Yossarian do when they're flying to bomb Bologna? Check who of you can give more correct answers and win the title of the smartest player! Take other gripping Book Club quizzes like For Whom the Bell Tolls quiz or To Kill a Mockingbird quiz!

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