See how one little mistake can break people’s lives in our Atonement quiz!

One of McEwan's best works and one of the greatest English-language novels, Atonement has won international recognition and was adapted into an Academy Award-nominated film. The book deserves your closest attention, indeed – a tragic story of two young people who love each other but are separated by the war and by a tragic mistake of the girl’s younger sister can’t but touch the heart of every reader. The novel grabs our attention slowly and holds it to the very end of the book which is truly unexpected. We offer our attentive readers participate in our freshly prepared Atonement trivia quiz and check if you’re a genuinely observant reader! When does the story begin? What are the names of the twins who visit the Tallis family? Who is Paul Marshall? What happens to Robby when World War II starts? Your correct answers will lead you to the victory in our weekly competition for the most successful players!

There are surely some friends of yours who’d like to participate in our Atonement quiz game, too, so don’t hesitate to invite them and enjoy our weekly competitions together! Who are Mace and Nettle? How does Cecilia support Robbie when he's in France? Why does Briony refuse to go study at Cambridge? What disease does Briony suffer from when she's old? Give more right answers, win special badges for players, and reach the top of our ratings! Take other book quizzes of Zadavaka’s Book Club like Catch-22 quiz or For Whom the Bell Tolls trivia quiz!

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