Uncover the secrets of the world's best-selling mystery novel with And Then There Were None questions quiz!

A book managing to keep the reader in suspense until the very last page, this novel by Agatha Christie is justly considered a masterpiece of British and world literature. The more we read the more we are lost in conjectures about what’s going to happen next, who will become the next victim, and, of course, who of the guests is the cold-blooded killer. The end of the story is unexpected for everyone, and, consequently, is even more entertaining. We offer you to find who the mysterious Mr. Owen really is together by answering our thought-provoking And Then There Were None questions! What is the name of the island's owner presented at the beginning of the book? What does a recorded voice accuse each of the guests of? Why don't the guests leave the island the second morning? How does General Macarthur die? Give more correct answers to move to the next level of our stunning game!

Invite your best friends to join in, and play together to have more fun! Let’s guess who of you will cope with our challenging And Then There Were None trivia quiz better! What happens to one of the Indian figures after each death? What happens to Emily Brent? Who kills Lombard? Who helped the killer fake his death? And – the main question – who is the killer? Prove that you’re a truly attentive and keen reader answering our tough questions! Don’t forget about other riveting Book Club quizzes like The Great Gatsby quiz or The Call of the Wild trivia quiz!

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