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A Streetcar Named Desire is a famous play by Tennessee Williams that was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1948. This book brings up many important issues like inability to overcome harsh reality, the attitude of people to death and relationships, and the dependence on men they love and hate. This drama by one of the most notable American playwrights opened on Broadway almost 70 years ago and is frequently considered one of the best plays of the century and one of the greatest works of the author. We’ve prepared a special Streetcar Named Desire quiz devoted to the plot and the characters of the play and offer you to put your bookish knowledge to test right know! Why has Blanche been given a leave of absence from her teaching position according to her story? Why does Blanche DuBois stay at her sister's apartment? Who is Stanley Kowalski? Why was Belle Reve lost by Blanche? What addiction does Blanche have? Try to guess the correct answers and prove you’re a truly smart book reader!

Want to play together with your friends and have more fun? Invite them to start this Streetcar Named Desire trivia quiz and demonstrate your exceptional literary knowledge! What Stanley's army friend courts Blanche? Why did Blanche's husband commit suicide? Why does Mitch tell Blanche they need each other? Why was Blanche in fact fired from her job as a schoolteacher? What prevents the breakup of the Kowalski household? Assay your strength in Streetcar Named Desire questions quiz and try more Book Club quizzes by Zadavaka like The Great Gatsby quiz or The Grapes of Wrath trivia quiz!

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