Encounter the horrors of dystopia in our 1984 quiz!

George Orwell has created one of the most notable and shocking dystopian novels about the society of the future that is totally controlled by the Party and the mystical Big Brother. People’s lives are open to everyone, and it’s absolutely impossible to hide, to escape, or to rebel. Winston Smith, the protagonist of the novel, tries to fight against the system, and thinks he even succeeds in his fight, but the Party brings him back to the harsh reality. We’ve compiled the most interesting 1984 quiz questions about the novel and its characters for you to test if you’re a truly attentive and keen reader! Who is the alleged leader of the Brotherhood? What is the name of the dark-haired girl Winston starts a covert affair with? What is written in the note Julia gives to Winston? What Party does Winston belong to? Answer all the tough questions we’ve prepared and fight for the title of the best player!

Have any of your friends read the book, too? Then invite them to participate in our 1984 game, and give as many correct answers as possible! What does Winston think about his relationship with Julia? What is the place Winston is taken to when soldiers seize him and Julia? What is Winston's worst fear he is forced to confront? What happens to Winston in the end? Remember that each right answer makes you closer to the top of our winners list! Try other intriguing quizzes of Zadavaka’s book club like The Great Gatsby quiz or Lolita question quiz!

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