Plunge into the world of literature with our Book Club quizzes!

Every day dozens and hundreds of new books are written and published, and thousands and millions of them are read and enjoyed. We’ve decided to select the most outstanding literary masterpieces that truly deserve your attention and prepare exciting Book Club quizzes for you to test your knowledge in this noteworthy sphere! Remember that only the best examples of world literature can fall into our book quizzes section, and don’t forget to read or re-read them thoroughly before taking the next literature quiz! In "Lord of the Flies," how do boys try to catch Ralph? In "1984," what Party does Winston belong to? In "And Then There Were None", who of the visitors dies first? In "The Call of the Wild", what happens to Buck in the end? In "The Catcher in the Rye", what happens to Allie Caulfield? Answer these tricky literature questions and score more points for each correct variant you choose!

We’re sure you have lots of inquisitive friends who’d like to compete with you in our absorbing Book Club quizzes. Invite them to start the book game, and check who of you can be called a genuinely keen and conscientious reader! In "The Grapes of Wrath", what are the migrants from Oklahoma called by the locals of California? In "The Great Gatsby," what happens to Nick after Gatsby's death? In "The Little Prince," how does the prince understand he is responsible for the rose? In "To Kill a Mockingbird," how is Burris Ewel related to Mayella Ewel? Play more book quizzes to score more WisePoints! Try other gripping quizzes like Literature quiz or Culture quiz!

The more you play the more you earn! The more friends you invite the more bonuses you receive! Come by to play every day, and reach the top or our ratings!

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