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According to the Bible, God created human beings in his image, and of course people have always striven to repeat the trick. Painting became the first step, and sculpture, as a more complicated means of reality depiction, soon followed it. There are sculptors who prefer to reflect some natural phenomena like huge waves or lofty mountains in their works. But the majority of artists are attracted by the beauty of human body and try to imitate it in their creations. That’s how the magnificent statue of David by Michelangelo or an impressive statue of the Thinker by Rodin was made. We offer you now to participate in this Sculpture trivia quiz and see if you are a genuine expert of art or you still have some items to work on. Our Sculpture questions are devoted to various topics to keep up your interest throughout the whole quiz. You are going to face tricky questions about the history of sculpture as a branch of art, knotty questions concerning the types and genres of sculpture, engaging questions devoted to the private life and creative activity of some widely renowned sculptors. If solving riddles is your hobby, this Sculpture question quiz is definitely for you!

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