Dancers, admirers of this art and all the curious people are welcome to take a rhythmical Dance Quiz!

This quiz is for people who dance in the shower, at the stove or with a vacuum cleaner, who want to get information about dance types, styles and latest tendencies.

Dance has a lot of functions: it is performed at concerts, state events and even funerals. People dance when they want to relax or to exercise, when they feel happy or sad, when they have an emotion to express. This art dates back to 3300 B.C. It appeared long before the invention of writing and is a kind of body language that helped people to pass information from one generation to another.

Nowadays a dance can say more than words and is a good way to become closer to a person you like. For some people it’s a kind of entertainment but psychotherapists also use it to treat patients. This treatment is possible due to the interaction of body and mind. Moreover, nowadays there are a lot of films about dancing, which proves that it has become an inseparable part of everyday life. Dance shows are gaining popularity and those who become keen on dancing start attending dancing classes. A Dance trivia quiz will help you to learn more useful and interesting information about this broad notion.

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