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We are sure that at some point in your life you practiced some kind of craft. Nowadays crafts are gaining popularity; more and more people decide to devote their free time to creating hand-made things. This tendency can be easily explained: they help to pass time, relax, reduce stress, and even earn a fortune!

Crafts vary greatly and one can choose whatever he/she likes: knitting, painting, sewing, embroidering, decoupage, etc. Each of these categories can be subdivided into smaller ones. Embroidery, for once, not only includes ordinary cross and satin stitching, but many more sophisticated techniques and tricky materials like pearls, beads, or ribbons. People who practice crafts put their heart into everything they create, that’s why their works possess special warmth. Our Crafts trivia quiz will help you to learn the latest handmade trends. You are sure to learn new kinds of crafts (and try each and every one of them later!). Make your house and clothes unique. Inspire people around you by your beautiful creations.

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