Latest news from Zadavaka

Zadavaka likes everything new; he greatly enjoys acquiring knowledge and making it available and payless for everybody who is looking for it. To satisfy his own hunger for information and to please his numerous players, the little blue monster likes to add a couple of new quizzes every week. His interests ranging from arts to medicine and geography and from literature to science and movies, Zadavaka loves to choose an unexpected, little-known or simply funny holiday or observance and celebrate it by developing a thematic quiz of at least 20 questions. He has already celebrated Doctor’s Day and Wikipedia Day, Chocolate Cookie Day and Tolkien Day, Puppy Day and Pi Day, Brothers Wright Day and Inventions Day and many, many more surprising, yet interest-provoking days!

You can browse through the whole collection of questions timed to various holidays by dropping by our monthly news pages, because the wise alien has recently organized his quizzes in chronological order. Here you’ll also surely find games connected not only to minor observances, but to major national and international holidays like Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day, Washington’s Day, New Year, or Mardi Gras.

Zadavaka’s news are mostly devoted to the latest quizzes he added to the game, but you can expect announcements about other interesting and noteworthy occurrences related to his Wisdom Game! Follow Zadavaka’s news to learn everything about useful game modes, bonuses, renovations of the website and his game!

Come anything new, Zadavaka will keep you posted! He knows how important it is to you to be among the first lucky people who get to play the most recent quiz!