Why would I play Zadavaka’s game?
Zadavaka’s Wisdom Game is a free trivia game for true connoisseurs of knowledge and quiz lovers. We offer various free quizzes that will suit even the pickiest of players! And, of course, we do our best to help you spend great time, expand your horizons and just have fun with our easy and challenging quiz questions.
How can I play?
Zadavaka organizes weekly competitions for everyone who feels an urge to test their knowledge and outrank other wisdom pursuers. His quizzes are divided into thematic categories, broad and narrow, and players answer questions by fives, which gives them a handy opportunity to check their progress every now and then. The only step you have to take to start enjoying the best brain game of all times is to fill out a short form!
What will I get?
New players start the game with 0 points in their score; every correct answer earns them 10 points, or how Zadavaka appropriately calls them, WisePoints. The more WisePoints you earn, the higher your position in the Weekly Rating is. But it’s not only a boring grid with names and figures; now you can see your progress visualized and admire the place Zadavaka’s managed to get to with your intellectual support!
Can I bring along friends?
Sure you can! If you don’t like playing with strangers, why not organize a competition with your friends and see who’s the wittiest of all? Zadavaka offers his players this functionality, too! Invite your friends to play together and share the joy of boosting your wisdom!
Why do you need my email address?
We communicate with our players by sending emails into their inbox. Don’t you worry, though – we never send ads! What we do send is handy info about bonus game modes, tricky questions of the day that can earn you ten times as many WisePoints as a regular question does, etc. Zadavaka also insists on emailing quiz results to his players on a daily basis in order to keep them in the loop; we can’t but satisfy the wise monster’s request. Emails of this kind contain your score and the scores of your friends (btw, if you haven’t yet invited them to play, do it now to save them from missing such great intellectual fun!)
We also inform our players about the latest additions to our site, i.e. thematic quizzes timed to honor both important and ridiculous holidays and observances.
Wait, what are those thematic quizzes?
Twice a week we prepare a special quiz timed to an important holiday or a ridiculous observance. Either way, the quiz is accompanied by a curious article for you to enrich your knowledge and get a better chance or earning lots of WisePoints in the quiz connected to the topic. You can find examples of such trivia duos here.
Still have questions?