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Cookies Policy

Effective Date: Mar 22, 2019
Our Privacy Policy illustrates what information we collect about our users and how we process and store it. Like mentioned in our Privacy Policy we also collect personal information through the use of cookies. We use cookies for a variety of things on www.zadavaka.us.
The definition of cookies
Cookies are small files that are stored on your device. When you interact with our website for the first time, it starts sending and placing cookies on your device, the purpose of which is to recognise your device and your browser on your return visits. Cookies help us remember your settings, preferences, improve your user experience, and show you most relevant ads.
By no means the cookies placed on your device can access your data stored on the hard disk or cookies created by other websites. Neither can they identify your email address.
By using cookies we aim at delivering you the best experience on www.zadavaka.us. Unless you opt out of our cookies, we will take it for granted that you agree to the use of cookies by www.zadavaka.us and that your device will receive cookie files from the aforementioned website.
To learn more about cookies and how to manage, turn on/off, and delete them, please visit www.aboutcookies.org.
The use of cookies help us provide you with lots of key features on www.zadavaka.us. First and foremost, we utilize cookies to enable automatic login feature every time you visit the website and to offer you games and quizzes based on your previous choices and preferences.
Cookies used on www.zadavaka.us
We utilize session and persistent cookies. Session cookies get deleted right after you close your web browser, while persistent cookies are stored for a longer period of time. The cookies we use can be divided into the following groups:
  • strictly necessary cookies. These cookies are essential for the correct website performance and functionality and, therefore, cannot be turned off. If you don’t want this type of cookies to be stored on your device, then please ceaze to use the website. We use strictly necessary cookies to sign users in/up, save your game progress and recommend you quizzes and content based on your preferences, ensure website consistency, enable social media sharing, etc. These cookies include (1) session cookies to collect anonymized information about your website interactions and provide you with content recommendations; (2) registration cookies to save and validate your login information; (3) social media cookies to integrate social media options into the website; (4) activity cookies to track how often and at what time you tend to visit the website; (5) third-party cookies to maintain website functionality. Learn more about the companies that utilize cookies on www.zadavaka.us.The information collected by third-party cookies is anonymous and therefore your browsing activity on other websites can by no means be tracked. Our pages may contain embedded videos/photos from YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. that may set their own cookies. We place “Like” and “Share” buttons on our website to integrate with social networks including but not limited to Facebook and Twitter. Please read the privacy policies of the aforementioned websites and social networks to learn how they use cookies.
  • performance cookies. This type of cookie files is used to compile statistical data such as the total number of sessions, browser types, OS types, time spent on the website, what pages are visited more often, etc. We use these cookies to improve our website’s functionality. Learn more about the companies that utilize cookies on www.zadavaka.us.
  • advertising cookies. This type of cookies are used to serve you ads that are relevant to you. By no means they provide us or our partners with personally identifiable information about you. Advertising is an important revenue stream for our website, so we would be grateful if you keep these cookies turned on. Ad serving platforms and networks we partner with may also place their own cookies to serve you relevant ads and collect statistics about ad performance. Learn more about the companies that utilize cookies on www.zadavaka.us.
  • other cookies. We do not warrant or make any representations that our website does not store any other cookies that we are unable to track or control. This is especially true when it comes to the pages with embedded videos/photos/texts, etc.
The cookies used by www.zadavaka.us are referred to as first-party cookies. However, we also allow third parties to use their own cookies that shall be referred to as third-party cookies. We are not liable to you or any other party when it comes to third-party cookies. hence, we encourage you to read privacy policies of those third-party websites.
If you detect a cookie or similar technology that cannot be identified with www.zadavaka.us or the aforementioned websites and/or social networks, please contact us here or contact the support team of the relative website.
Where we use cookies?
We utilize cookies on the website - www.zadavaka.us, in our mobile application, and in our products and services
How you can control cookies
You can manage cookies used on www.zadavaka.us in a variety of ways:
  • you can block third-party cookies in your web browser
  • you can delete our cookies and disable www.zadavaka.us by using the settings in your web browser
  • you can manage or delete cookies by following the guidelines provided on www.aboutcookies.org.
  • use our cookie management tool to manage cookies
When turning off advertising cookies, you will not cease to see ads on our website because they only aim at serving relevant ads to you.
Changes to this Cookies Policy
This Cookies Policy may be updated or changed. If we decide to do so, we will publish the updated or changed version of this Cookies Policy here. Upon posting the amended version of the Policy, we shall change the Effective Date, consequently notifying you about the update.
Contact information
If you have any questions about our Cookies Policy, please contact us here.