Top 10 Weirdest-Looking Animals

Because mother nature’s creativity has no limits.
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Top 10 Weirdest-Looking Animals


Axolotl is a kind of salamander also known as Mexican Walking Fish, well, because it looks and acts like one.

  • Weirdness: Other salamanders undergo metamorphosis. Axolotls rarely – almost never – do it.
  • Superpower: Axolotls’ limbs can regenerate.
  • Status: Endangered. Poor chaps nearly went extinct in 2010.

Mata Mata Turtle 

Also known as Chelus fimbriatus, the turtle has been renamed 14 times. Its most popular name, Mata mata, means “Kill! Kill!” in Spanish.

  • Weirdness: Mata mata turtles barely leave water: they only do it to lay eggs.
  • Superpower: Mata mata turtles don’t hunt and just wait for their dinner to come close to them, and then open their mouth to create a vacuum.
  • Status: Least concern. But they may become your concern if you meet one!

California Condor

Also known as Gymnogyps californianus, the big bird has a lush feathery collar that compensates the completely bald neck and head that stick out of it.

  • Weirdness: California condors are massive: they can weigh to 31 pounds.
  • Superpower: California condors can soar for more than 3 miles without flapping their wings.
  • Status: Critically endangered


The bird is also known as Canje Pheasant and it would look like one if it was not for its chic crown.

  • Weirdness: Hoatzins have a really weird odor and are sometimes called Stinkbirds due to it.
  • Superpower: Hoatzins can make a bizarre variety of sounds: they croak, hiss, grunt, and groan.
  • Status: Least concern. That’s probably because no one hunts them due to their… peculiar smell.

Chinese Water Deer

Judging by its name, the Chinese water deer should be a cutie, but its nickname Vampire deer suggests otherwise.

  • Weirdness: Water deer have tusks and use them as weapons.
  • Superpower: Water deer are able to swim several miles.
  • Status: Vulnerable. You know who else is vulnerable? You are when you meet a vampire deer!


Also known as screw horn goat – a really fancy name here!

  • Weirdness: Markhors’ name is translated as ‘snake eaters’ but they don’t actually eat snakes.
  • Superpower: Markhors have amazing climbing skills and usually live on the cliffs.
  • Status: Near threatened.


Also known as Setonix brachyurus, this is the most photogenic creature ever. And even the lousiest frontal camera will always be kind to a quokka!

  • Weirdness: It is illegal to touch or feed quokkas as it can make them sick.
  • Superpower: Quokkas live in swamps and scrublands. They create tiny hideouts there.
  • Status: Vulnerable. This is unfair! These cuties should be the most numerous species in the world!


Also known as Daubentonia madagascariensis,… well, let’s stick to aye aye.

  • Weirdness: Aye-ayes are believed to be harbingers of death and misfortune.
  • Superpower: Aye-ayes are the only primate that uses echolocation.
  • Status: Endangered


Also known as cobegos or flying lemurs, these creatures bear no resemblance to King Julien, the most famous lemur of all.

  • Weirdness: Even though colugos are called flying lemurs, they are not actually lemurs.
  • Superpower: Colugos can fly up to 230 feet. Well, so-called ‘flying lemurs’ who are not actually lemurs at least can fly
  • Status: Vulnerable


Also known as mawumag and mamag, this is one of the smallest known primates on Earth.

  • Weirdness: Tarsiers have enormous eyes which are 16 mm wide – their eyes are as big as their brain! This fact is also true for some humans.
  • Superpower: Tarsiers can’t rotate their eyes, but their necks are so flexible they do the work instead.
  • Status: Vulnerable

It’s scary how many of these wonderful creatures are vulnerable or endangered.
Let’s treat nature kindly and responsibly to help all these species get the “least concern” status!
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